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What is Naturopathy?

Are you feeling tired or depressed; anxious about nothing and everything? Do you suffer from headaches, aches and pains; do you have sore joints and /or arthritis? Perhaps you get recurrent colds or do you take antibiotics at least once a year? Do you suffer from weight problems, skin problems, fertility problems or hormonal issues? Are you doing the rounds of the doctors without any success?

Then perhaps you need to see me – a naturopath.

naturopathA naturopath is like the general practitioner of natural therapies. Naturopathy aims to find a balance for you in your lifestyle in order to correct any disorders that may have occurred in your body as well as being preventative in its approach to health – supporting the immune system and the organs of the body.

Naturopathy has the thinking that all or most chronic illnesses have an emotional base. For example, the man who developed cancer soon after his wife left him. On her return to care for him, his cancer disappeared. Or the person who gets chronic neck and shoulder pain. These people often feel like they are carrying a real burden on their shoulders. Or the case of the woman who was terribly unhappy and developed gallstones; she changed her circumstances and the attacks ceased. People with chronic constipation are thought to be holding in a lot of ‘muck’. One patient couldn’t fall pregnant even though the tests revealed nothing physically wrong. By helping her let go of her anxieties, she was able to fall pregnant.

There are many examples such as these. As a naturopath I will use a multi-faceted holistic approach to help you get in touch with those areas of your life which may need adjustment. It may be just a matter of doing more exercise, refraining from eating certain foods or taking some supplements. But in other cases it may need some bodywork or emotional release work.

I practice a number of different therapies to ensure a positive result. I work with you to ensure that you are happy with the therapy, and if not, find the one that best suits you and at the same time, help you to correct your imbalance.