Mission Statement

‘My mission is to help you overcome dis-ease of your body as well as supporting and educating you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle’.


I have been practicing natural therapies since 1990. Since 1992, I have concurrently run a home-based clinic as well as working within various mixed modality clinics with general practitioners, osteopaths and other naturopaths.

I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy) and a post-graduate degree, Master of Preventive Medicine.

I continue to upgrade my training and education and have included the Dorn Method, Muscle & Ligament Therapy, Goltech, Raindrop Technique and Homotoxicology to my repertoire of therapies.

Since 2006, I have been a lecturer in naturopathy, herbal medicine & nutritional medicine as well as being a clinical supervisor working at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, Southern School of Natural Therapies and Holmesglen Institute.