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Tibetan Health Bracelets

Tibetan Health BraceletsThis bracelet is made from a traditional Tibetan combination of five metals. The energy from these five elements exerts a positive influence on the body as a whole, creating general health and well-being but is traditionally used for reducing inflammation and arthritic pain.

According to traditional Tibetan medicine the effects of these five metals are:

  • dries up excess fluid & swelling of the joints
  • helps prevent inflammation in the lungs and liver
  • promotes healing of wounds
  • helps regrowth of skin & flesh after injury
  • dries up infections and expels toxins
  • improves eyesight and eye disorders
  • alleviates hives, acne and various skin disorders
  • Improves blood flow and viscosity
  • Dries up watery infections
  • Purifies the blood
  • Strengthens the liver and eyes
  • Improves eye condition
  • Antidotes poisonous lead in the system


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