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Shim M - Caulfield

I've been seeing Roslyn for a number of years now where her experience as a Natural Therapist has been helping me to overcome a variety of problems. In one instance she helped me overcome a problem which troubled me for many years. I used to suffer from yearly occurrences of prolonged coughing periods. This would occur every year, where no traditional medical help was found to be successful. Roslyn introduced me to a natural herbs based medicine that ‘fixed me up'. My coughing symptoms were substantially reduced in the first year, and very rarely occurred since then.

Tammy T - Malvern

As I am loathe to indulge myself, it was a rarity to concede to having a relaxing treatment of pure ecstasy. Ros has the most incredible field about her and creates an aura which makes one succumb to the pleasure and healing of one's body. I believe that not only her ability and experience as a practitioner is a factor in one's well-being but her entire devotion to her craft.


I went to Ros when I had some bad cells on my cervix, and had already had an operation to remove them and they had come back. Ros told me she could use Reiki to help heal the cells. I was very sceptical and in fact told Ros I did not believe in it and would this mean that it would not work? Ros said it did not matter, and lo and behold at the check up after Ros's reiki treatments the cells were all normal. I still don't believe in Reiki but I can truly say it works.

Thanks Ros. (Non - believer)

Sandi M. - Oakleigh

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome 2 years ago. My skin was in a terrible condition and I was becoming more and more depressed. My mother had just passed away and I couldn't seem to cope with anything. Roslyn was able to ‘put me back together again' and under her care I was able to function again. I don't have any irritable bowel problems today, my skin has cleared up and I'm happy again.

Nitza M - Caulfield

Recently I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. I chose to go through conventional treatment and complement it with alternative medicine. I've seen Roslyn to help me maintain my immune system during the chemotherapy period. Roslyn has also been giving me "rain drop" massage to help my emotional well-being at this time. I found this to be extremely helpful and minimised any side affects from my operation and subsequent treatment.

Eric O - Glenferrie

"When I called Ros with my problem, not only was she concerned, but immediately set about to resolve the discomfort of my mouth ulcers by prescribing oral and internal remedies. She is an extremely caring practitioner with great depth and knowledge.As for the therapeutic massages - I find them not only relaxing and pleasurable, but also beneficial.

Thank You Ros Boyar

Ann S. - Sandringham

I had the worst sinus problems of any one I knew. Having constant headaches and face pain and blocked noses. I had taken pharmacy preparations for years but never struck much success with them. I heard about Ros' treatments and was amazed at the speed at which I recovered.

Diane G. - Caulfield

I have a scoliosis of the spine and as a consequence for years I was suffering so much back discomfort. The doctors couldn't help and neither could my osteopath. I would take pain killers often just to relieve the pain. After 2-3 sessions with Ros doing the Raindrop Technique I now have more manoeuvrability in my back and very little, if any, pain. My scoliosis has decreased and I'm able to play golf again! I will certainly continue with this wonderful treatment.

Grateful - Hampton

I have had Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years and I seemed to be going continuously going downhill. Someone told me about Ros and some of her treatments including the Raindrop Technique. I began to have sessions with her doing all manner of bodywork using those wonderful oils, and also working with my nutrition and diet. It has only been a couple of months but I already feel more energetic and my pain levels have significantly decreased. Ros' sessions always leave me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Thanks Ros 


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