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Super Kegel Device

Super Kegel DeviceThe Super Kegel uses the fundamentals of applied resistance for iso-kinetic development that not only strengthens and restores the pelvic floor muscle, but tones and tightens the thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles at the same time.

This is accomplished by the same resistance model used by body builders. When the muscle is developed by a resistance device or machine then the interrelated muscles surrounding the area will also correspondingly develop.

The Super Kegel device very simply exercises the upper thigh and buttock muscles with a residual effect on the pelvic floor muscles, thus giving a workout to the entire muscle group.

Who would benefit using a Super Kegel device?

  • Those with weak bladders
  • Sufferers of incontinence
  • Chronic lower back pain sufferers
  • Those wanting to tone up Gluteal and thigh areas
  • Those wanting to tone up vaginal muscles before, during or after pregnancy
  • Those wanting to increase sexual fitness



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