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  • Founded by Grand Master Dr Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century.
  • A system of energy healing using life-force energy.
  • A useful tool for self-awareness and transformation
  • A non-invasive therapy
  • Practised all over the world
  • Used in hospitals, private practice and self-care and can be used in combination with other therapies.
  • Reiki is not a religion or is it affiliated with any religion or religious practices.
  • There is no need to undress with this healing as it works just as effectively through clothes and blankets etc.

Reiki can be a very profound treatment. You will probably notice a sense of euphoria set in. It is the sort of treatment which will just make you feel good, calm the nerves and balance your energies. Some people have been able to let go of a lot of deep-seated emotion just by lying on the table relaxing. Many a client has come back to me with the comment that problems they were having seemed to have resolved themselves - the problems just melted away without any anguish on their part.

We can all use a little Reiki in our lives.


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