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Super Kegel Device

The Super Kegel uses the fundamentals of applied resistance for iso-kinetic development that not only strengthens and restores the pelvic floor muscle, but tones and tightens the thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles at the same time.

Tibetan Health Bracelets

Tibetan Health Bracelets are used for treating arthritis and inflammation. These bracelets are made from a traditional Tibetan combination of five metals.

Zen Chi Aerobic Massager

'Chi' is the life force energy which flows through our bodies. Acupuncture / acupressure and other forms of massage also influence this flow of energy around the body.

Electromagnetic eSmog Devices

The Willautronic eSmog devices were made based on the principle of destructive interference. These devices neutralise the negative waves which adversely affect the human body.


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