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Muscle Ligament Therapy

The common causes of back pain can often be attributed to a misalignment of muscles, ligaments and tendons, yet most therapies ignore the very important tendons and ligaments. Even ‘deep tissue' massage will only do half the job if the tendons and ligaments are not corrected first.

A high percentage of lower back problems can be attributed to a muscular misalignment of the Gluteal region (the buttocks) yet many therapies miss this.

This therapy successfully attends to the cause of misalignments and has a high success rate in relieving:

  • Back and shoulders pains 
  • Knee, arm and leg pains 
  • Repetitive strain injuries 
  • Frozen shoulders 
  • Neck pain 
  • Numbness in a limb (sometimes due to pinched nerves) 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Sciatica 
  • And more

Often only a couple of visits are necessary to correct a problem.

In using this therapy, I draw from various avenues of teaching including:

  • Lester Cox Muscle & Ligament Therapy
  • Bill Hatchard's "Hatchard's Way
  • Paul Davies "Goltech" Therapy

The essence of muscle & ligament therapy is that of ‘cross-fibre' work, stimulating the muscles and tendons to relax by crossing across the natural line of the muscles. The method can be momentarily painful in a tense muscle or ligament but the results are worthwhile.

I usually use this method in conjunction with the Dorn Method (see ‘therapies'), and sometimes suggest a Raindrop Technique or Breuss Massage to finish off the entire treatment. These two latter therapies enhance the positive results of the Dorn and Muscle & Ligament treatments.

I have had a lot of success combining these therapies together.

Paul Davies' 


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