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Flower Essence Therapy

What Is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flowers, since ancient times, have been considered to have healing properties.  The 'essence' of the flowers are known to act on hidden or known emotions which affect our bodies and our minds. The famous sixteenth century healer, Paracelsus, colllected the dew from flowers to treat emotional disturbances in his patients. The Australian Aboriginals were also aware that some flowers helped with emotional balancing and they would eat flowers with dew drops still on them.

Natural practitioners are keenly aware of the role that emotions play in the development and prolonging of chronic illness states. For instance, grief, can have an impact on the respiratory system, aggravating an asthmatic or bronchial condition; or anger (hidden or otherwise) can be an underlying component of chronic constipation. Disease is most often the manifestation of emotional imbalances.

The use of flower essences can gently help to resolve negative emotional states and help bring to the person, emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. Flower essences can help the patient, find their own resolution to their worries and to make positive changes in their lives.

Flower essence therapy is used as a stand-alone therapy or as an holistic adjunct to a physical treatment. It can also be used in conjunction with other esoteric therapies.

In my practice, I use both Australian Bush Flowers, developed by Ian White, and Bach Flower Remedies developed by Dr Edward Bach.



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