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Ear Candling

For hundreds of years the American Hopi Indian tribes have used the gentle art of ear candling to protect and cleanse their ears. The technique originated with the Egyptians, who apparently used reeds. The Chinese have also used this method for centuries.

The basic technique involves the use of a hollow candle. It sits in a funnel which sits just covering the ear canal, while the other end of the candle is lit. The flame creates a warm gentle vacuum in the auditory canal and in so doing, draws out old wax, debris and infection.

This method can remove heavy plugs of impacted wax and any Candida fungus. If Candida is present in the ear, there is often a symptomatic dull ache which comes and goes. After ear candling, a special blend of herbal oils is used in the ear to protect it from any infection occurring or recurring.
This procedure can help with dizziness and Meniere’s, tinnitus and sinus problems. It can relieve migraines and headaches associated with sinus and mucous build–up. Many people with hearing problems are amazed at the dramatic increase in auditory sensitivity after ear candling.
Candling is gentle, relaxing and non–invasive. The procedure takes about 1 – 1 ¼ hours. Follow–up sessions may be required if a condition is chronic.
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