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Breuss Massage

massage2.jpgDeveloped by Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990), this method uses specially prepared oil of hypericum (St Johns Wort) which is absorbed through the skin into the region of the vertebrae, where it helps replenish and regenerate damaged discs. The hot oil is soaked up by the spine leaving it feeling rejuvenated and more flexible.

A sensitive but profound manual massage to stretch the spine and dissolve psychological, energetic or physical blockages, this therapy will release your mental and physical tension. Hypericum in Western herbal medicine is known for its healing properties in relation to nerve fibres.

Because the spinal column is a major pathway for both the nerves and energy meridians this method will tone and energise not just your spine but your whole body, often dissolving deeply buried emotional trauma.

After a session of Breuss Massage you will feel deeply relaxed, invigorated... and taller, as this massage strengthens, stretches and energises. Although this is a stand-alone therapy, it is very effective as part of a course of the spinal and joint realignment of Dorn Therapy.

Who would benefit by this treatment?

People with:

  • chronic back pain
  • misaligned vertebrae
  • depression
  • lack of energy
  • fears, phobias and anxieties
  • trauma such as death of a loved one or a relationship break-up

A truly exhilarating experience!


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